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a monster meme

It was a dark and stormy night. 
Or not.  Maybe it was morning, and only slightly damp.  Anyway, something weird is going on. . .

You know the drill!
1.  Post with your character, series, and any preferences you have.
2.  Others will choose a number at the
Random Number Generator; their character becomes some version of that monster (click on monster names for Wikipedia links).
3.  Play it out!
4.  AU, modifications, any interpretations of the monsters are welcome; Any rating is also fine.

Bonus Option:  Original poster rolls the dice and gets a monster for themselves as well!

Ghoul -  A creature that consumes human flesh; often lives in cemeteries or even robs graves.

You sure look great today.  Really . . . great.

2.  Vampire - A creature that drinks the blood of other beings to survive.

Look at me when I'm talking to you.

3. Werewolf - Half-human, half-wolf.  Modern fiction, not legend, give it's weakness as silver.

Everybody has a wild side.


4. Succubus/Incubus - Demons who visit and seduce humans at night; relations will cause poor health, even death.

It will be easier if you enjoy it.

5. Mermaid
- With the head and torso of a human and the tail of a fish, mermaids
enchant those near the water, particularly sailors.  Distracting them
can lead to all kinds of trouble.  It's said that sometimes they forget
humans can't breathe underwater. . . or do they?

You just looked so lonely on the shore.

6. Huldra
- A extremely beautiful creature who lives in the forest and appears
human, save for a tail which resembles a cow.  Known to seduce humans
into the forests and not let them go.

It's okay; you can go home after the wedding.


7.  Nix/NixeWater spirits who played enchanted songs, sometimes luring humans to drown in lakes or streams.  Others make fantastic promises.

Are you listening?  You'd better be listening.

8.  Djinn
- Supernatural creatures from a parallel world.  They have amazing
powers, and if you trap one or beat one they can be forced to serve

I wish for a thousand wishes.

9.  Kitsune
- A demon that can take the shape of a fox, but also the shape of a
human with a fox's tail.  Known for being mischievous and for leading
humans to do dumb things.

Tail?  I don't know what you're talking about.


10.   Dragon
- Winged, reptilian monsters of varying sizes.  Can be highly
destructive, but can also be highly reclusive.  Often possessive,
greedy, selfish and territorial.  Some have powers such as magic or the
ability to breathe fire.
This is mine, this is mine, and so are you.

meme taken from amuse_box
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